Citrus and Patchouli Soap
4 oz

Citrus and Patchouli Soap "Dakar"

Think of the sixties, the vibe and the flow! A unique aroma of sweet orange mixed with a earthy patchouli and cedarwood make a completely unique aroma. Very calming soap great to use after yoga and before bedtime!!

Skin Types: Moderately/Most skin types. Moderately oily to Moderately dry skin.

This soaps contains cedarwood, which may be harmful to babies, including those in the womb. Therefore we do not recommend the use of this soap to individuals that could be potentially effected.

Ingredients: saponified natural oils(including organics palm, oliver, rice bran, palm kernel, coconut and shea butter) essential oil blend, tumeric and black walnut hull powder(natural herbal colors) rosemary extract and natural vitamin E.




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