Enjoy the Journey!

Caravan Organics came into existence many years ago, 2000 to be exact. It was after the birth of my youngest son. I was at the grocery store and about to purchase some soaps and I was just so frustrated with what was offered to me, especially the scent blends. I complained to my husband and he looked up from his book and said why don’t you make your own. Being one to take a dare, I decided to make my own. After many let me put emphasis on the word MANY trials and errors, I created a soap that I was happy with and my family loved. I used to sit at my dining room table and just mix essential oils to come up with the coolest blends, so much so my husband began to call me the "Mad Chemist" In my former life before this I was a meat cutter and I was so disturbing to find out that the fat that we trimmed from steaks and pork chops was sold to companies to make soap laundry detergent and most. I found this to be so nasty! I decided to make sure all my products would be VEGAN also, because who want to wash their bodies with meat GROSS!!!! Here we are years later and I am so happy with the products that I create. They are all vegan, they smell great and make your body and home feel and smell wonderful.

All our products are made in small batches in my studio in Washington, D.C. or at my home. They are all made to order except my soaps which need weeks to cure before they are sent to new homes!

Just know that whatever you buy from us, we have created it with love, care for you and the environment and good vibes!! It will nourish, protect and make your body feel wonderful. They are inspired by places I have traveled to or planning to go to.

So, I will keep bringing you great products, and enjoying every step of the journey in creating them to make your body and mind feel so damn good!

Thank you, Ashe, Gracias, Merci, Danke, Domo Arigato, do jeh, takk, toda, efharisto to all of you and thank you for joining the Caravan!!

Be Blessed!