I came to your booth at the Baltimore Market and brought some of your soaps on a whim, now I hooked! Your soaps are incredible!

Debbie C


Your Soy Travel Candles are so Yummy! Love them!!!!

Karen G.


Hi Domonique my son suffered from eczema very bad . I purchase your oatmeal soap and pancea creme and his skin is great now no more itching or rawness or pain. Thanks so much for your advice and your great products I don't know what I would do without you!

Mary Jones


Domonique I visited you at the crafter's market in Hyattsville. I really enjoyed talking to you and your husband. I brought several of your products and you also gave me a sample of bath salts. I went home that evening after a long day a did as you say did the "Rituals of the Bath" It was wonderful. I used the soap which was wonderful and soaked in the bath salts, while burning one of your soy candles.. I finished the evening with the body creme. I felt like a new person. I just sent another order and you have a customer for life. You really care about what you do I can see that from the quality of your products. You put great care and them not to mention to great affordable price! Thanks again you have me hooked. As you say you have ONE body treat it well, thanks to your products I will fro now on treat my body well!!

Angela D.


I brought your whipped Shea Butter at a show that you attended in Southern Maryland. The scent was Citrus Pear. It was the best shea butter that I have ever used in my life! Not heavy, and it did not leave my skin greasy, fantastic. I am now a Caravan Fan!

Pam J.


I brought some of your Lavender soap and it is wonderful. Then scent is pure Lavender, and it smells so good. I took it home and place it in my dresser drawer and it made my clothing smell heavenly. Then I used the soap, it smelled great, and made my skin feel wonderful, I am officially hooked and a Caravan Fan for LIFE!!!!!!!!!!

Jill C.


Hey ! Domonique

Brought your soap at the Fenton Street Market Saturday, and it is fantastic. No only does it smell great it makes my skin feel so good, I hope you continue to come to Fenton Street and I will be there to buy your products! I am a caravan organics Fan forever!!!!

Noelle S.


Hi there

My friend and I stopped by your booth at the Fenton Street Market on Saturday. We met you and your husband Demetris. You two were so much fun we really enjoying hanging out with you two so much so we came back three times! You offered us cold water and shade (it was hot) we brought books from your husband and the best soap and body butter that I have ever used from you. I loved they way that you talked about starting Caravanil Organics and the love that you put into it we can see by your products. We'll hope to see you there again and we are now officially apart of the Caravan Organics Fan Club. You Rock!!!!

Max S.

I brought your shea butter at a local market where you were setting up with you husband, who had wonderful books. After chatting with you both for a while I brought some of your soaps and a small shea butter. After getting home, I used your shea butter and it made my skin feel wonderful, so much so I went on your web site and brought one each of all of your scent blends in the large size, needless to say I am hooked. I now officially joining the caravan!!!
Customer for Life

Donna B.